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Colorado man allegedly tries avoiding DUI by switching seats with dog

A Colorado man is facing a rough situation after allegedly trying to avoid a DUI by swapping seats with his dog during a traffic stop, police said. 

The incident occurred in Springfield this past Saturday, a small town that USA Today reported has just 1,300 people. The unidentified man was pulled over around 11:30 p.m. for allegedly driving 52 mph in a 30 mph zone, police said in a post on Facebook. At this point, the driver "attempted to switch places with his dog who was in the passenger seat," all while the police officer "approached and watched the entire process," the post said. The driver "then exited the passenger side of the vehicle and claimed he was not driving."

The suspect showed clear signs of intoxication, police said, and began running away from the officer when asked if he had been drinking. The officer was quickly apprehended about 20 yards from his vehicle, police said. 

The suspect, who police said had two arrest warrants in nearby Pueblo, told law enforcement he had gotten lost in Springfield while driving through neighboring towns. He was cleared at a nearby hospital and then booked into jail on his warrants. He was additionally handed a slew of other charges, including driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, driving while ability impaired, driving under suspension, speeding 20-24 mph over the limit, and resisting arrest, police said. 

As for the dog, it was handed over to one of the driver's friends while its owner remains in jail. Thankfully, the four-legged occupant of the car won't be spending any time behind bars. 

"The dog does not face any charges and was let go with just a warning," police said.