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remembering bob saget

Bob Saget's heart-to-hearts as Danny Tanner are part of sitcom history

For '90s kids who grew up spending their Friday nights planted firmly in front of the television watching TGIF, Bob Saget will always be Full House's Danny Tanner.

Saget, who died Sunday at 65, was famous for his real-life risqué stand-up comedy routines (you've been warned), a complete departure from Danny, who just might have walked out of one of those shows. Danny was an earnest widower raising three daughters, and while he kept busy co-hosting Wake Up, San Francisco (he needed that paycheck to afford his very full house), he was always there to impart wisdom and advice to his girls.

It was clear when one of Danny's classic heart-to-hearts was about to start — quiet, sentimental music began to play as he took a seat next to D.J., Stephanie, or Michelle. His delivery was careful, never harsh, and he was only judgmental when it came to dating rockers named Viper (really, do you blame him?). Even when Stephanie drove a car into the house and deserved to be grounded for perpetuity, he let her know that this screw up didn't define her, and a car (and kitchen) can be replaced, but she can't.

Danny helped D.J. with her body image, after she stopped eating over fears of wearing a bathing suit in front of her friends. He reassured D.J. that her pals loved her no matter what, and admitted that he too had been insecure about growing up tall and skinny.

After Stephanie, who dreamed of becoming a professional dancer, begged Danny to let her take intensive classes, he agreed. When she realized that 24/7 dancing got in the way of the rest of her life, Stephanie was afraid if she told Danny she wanted to go back to how things used to be, he would be disappointed. Danny let her know that it's great to have a dream — but it's also completely fine and understandable to change your mind.

The Tanners may have been a fictional family, but their lives resonated with fans. When Danny spoke, it wasn't just to his TV daughters — it was also to the viewers at home. He was everyone's dad.