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Trump has reportedly picked a Liz Cheney challenger to endorse

Former President Donald Trump has reportedly selected the lucky Wyoming Republican House candidate that will receive his endorsement in the primary against frequent Trump critic and incumbent GOP Rep. Liz Cheney (Wyo.).

According to Politico, the ex-president is set to back Harriet Hageman, an attorney who lost a bid for governor in 2018. Insiders say Trump chose Hageman after a robust process interviewing multiple possible Cheney challengers because "she impressed him the most." "He interviewed a lot of people, and when it was done, it was clear she's in a class of her own," one Republican told Politico

Trump has had it out for Cheney, his "top Republican target," since she condemned both his role in the events of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and his baseless, widespread claims of election fraud, writes Politico. She was later ousted from her House leadership position. 

Given the stakes, the Hageman endorsement is "the most important political endorsement yet in Trump's post-presidency," and will "test his political power in the GOP like never before," Politico writes. Although official word is still pending, Trump has already told Hageman that "she has his support," per Politico

As another step outside of endorsement, in order to prevent a Cheney win via plurality, Trump and his team will need to clear the primary field should it become crowded. "Each candidate has pockets of voters, and they'll all draw votes from each other but not Cheney," said Tex McBride, a conservative activist in Wyoming.

Hageman herself has not yet revealed her candidacy, but did, as a final step, resign from her post on the Republican National Committee on Tuesday. Her official announcement is reportedly expected later this week. Read more at Politico.