10 Valentine's Day gifts for every kind of 'lover' in your life

Sometimes, a box of chocolates just won't cut it

Whether it's your significant other or your best friend, every valentine has one thing they're passionate about. Here are 10 ideas for Valentine's Day presents that reflect what your favorite person loves the most:

For the nature lover: planting commemorative trees

This gift is for more than just the recipient — by having the Arbor Day Foundation plant trees in your loved one's honor, you're also helping the planet. You can also choose where the trees are planted (with one option being in a forest of great need). "These reforestation efforts will support areas desperately needing replanting and will encourage species diversification, restore habitat for wildlife, and facilitate the natural process of providing clean air and water," the Arbor Day Foundation says. Further, it only costs $2 to plant one tree, making this a gift that's as affordable as it is beneficial.

Trees in a forest.

myLoupe/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

For the music lover: Make-a-Mixtape

This wooden cassette gives the classic mixtape a modern update — no outdated hardware needed. Rather than pull out their dusty boombox, recipients can access a digital playlist of your creation by scanning the linked QR code engraved on the back of the "cassette." And on the front, you can leave a custom message, like your names and the date you met (or exchanged your first tape!), or a fun name for the mix. It's a gift that's sure to be a hit.

Wooden cassette

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

For the tea lover: Firebelly Tea's stop-infusion travel mug

It's always tea time when you have this mug on hand. Firebelly's stop-infusion travel mug is designed to make tea on the go, and allows sippers to steep hot or iced tea and stop or restart the infusion when desired. The insulation helps keep tea hot or cold, and, since the mug is leak-proof, there's no need to worry about spillage in the car or on the train. Don't stop there, though — make your tea lover extra happy by including one of the Firebelly Tea variety packs.

Travel mugs for tea

Courtesy of Firebelly Tea

For the sports lover: tabletop foosball and air hockey game

You don't need to put on cleats or a helmet to enjoy this two-in-one tabletop game. Get the fun started with a round or two of foosball, then simply flip the game over to switch to air hockey. It also comes with legs, meaning it can be freestanding, as well, and is light enough to pack up and take to a friend's house or on a vacation. The table is intended for ages 6 and up, meaning the whole family can get in on the action.

A foosbal and air hockey game.

Courtesy of Hammacher Schlemmer

For the literature lover: LitJoy book vase

Here's a novel gift idea — a vase featuring a book cover illustrated by an independent artist. These colorful vases can be used to hold flowers, store writing tools, or spruce up an otherwise drab bedroom shelf. LitJoy has several book cover vases to choose from, including The Secret Garden, Anne of Green Gables, and Wuthering Heights.

A book vase

Courtesy of LitJoy

For the tech lover: long-distance friendship frame

A gift that helps you keep in touch — literally. These pine wood picture frames feature translucent glass instead of matting, and when you touch the top of your frame, it changes the color of your friend's glass; as long as you both have WiFi connections, the feature works no matter where you are. This is a sweet way to let someone know you're thinking about them and want to stay connected, no matter the distance.

Light up picture frame

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

For the sparkle lover: Shymi pavé heart pendant necklace and Venus jewelry box

If it sparkles or shines, your jewelry aficionado will love it — and this pavé heart pendant necklace does both. The necklace is 16 inches long, with a two-inch extender, and comes in several different colors, including a bold dark pink and gold and a subtle silver. Help your recipient keep their bling in tip-top shape by throwing in a Venus jewelry box, as well, a beautiful shell-shaped velvet container with space for the necklace and a few other small pieces.

Pavé heart necklace

Courtesy of Nordstrom

For the champagne lover: Veuve Clicquot rosé x SMEG fridge box

Get Valentine's Day poppin'. This bottle of crisp Veuve Clicquot rosé would be well-received on its own, but it's even more special when presented in a matching pink SMEG mini-fridge. The container is not only sustainable, but it keeps the champagne chilled for up to two hours ... if it makes it that long.

Veuve Clicquot rosé

Courtesy of Top Shelf Wine and Spirits

For the fragrance lover: Maison Margiela Replica memory box perfume set

Replica scents are familiar and meant to evoke memories of previous moments in time — breathe in Jazz Club's "smooth cocktail of warm and spicy fragrances" and that's exactly where you're transported. This box perfume set from Maison Margiela contains 10 vials filled with different unisex fragrances, including Beach Walk, Under the Lemon Trees, and Springtime in a Park, and is a great way for perfume fans to test out a variety of scents. Pair this gift with a Sephora gift card so the recipient can later buy a travel or full-size bottle of their favorite scent.

Maison Margiela Replica perfumes

Courtesy of Sephora

For the classic TV lover: 'Golden Girls' bouquet

Thank them for being a friend with a dozen roses — a dozen Rose Nylunds, that is. Perfect for the Golden Girls or classic sitcom fan in your life, these roses don't need water and will last forever. This bouquet is a delightful way to show the Dorothys, Blanches, and Sophias in your life how much you care.

A bouquet of Rose Nylunds

Courtesy of Prime Party


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