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Chocolate, chocolate chip

Biden quickly pivots from Jan. 6 commission to ice cream

Biden pivots to ice cream

President Biden likes to keep his politics and his ice cream separate.

During a stop at Honey Hut Ice Cream in Cleveland, Ohio on Thursday, Biden responded to a question regarding the fate of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot commission ... then quickly and seamlessly pivoted back to the fate of his waffle cone. 

"I can't imagine anyone voting against the establishment of the commission on the greatest assault since the Civil War on the Capitol," said the president, while licking a cone of chocolate, chocolate chip. "But anyway, I came for ice cream." 

If that weren't enough of a juxtaposition already, Biden had a more succinct message for Republicans who do vote against the commission: "Eat some chocolate, chocolate chip."

At this rate, Biden may need to buy Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) an entire carton.