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'might save your life'

Rachel Maddow urges viewers to 'get your skin checked' after skin cancer surgery

Rachel Maddow is urging viewers not to put off getting their skin checked after revealing she underwent surgery for skin cancer. 

The MSNBC host on her show Wednesday explained that she recently went to a dermatologist to have a mole on her neck looked at and was diagnosed with skin cancer. Maddow said she subsequently underwent surgery, which she noted was the reason she was off for a few days and had a Band-Aid on her neck during the show. 

"They got it," Maddow said. "They got all of it. I'm good. I have clear margins and the whole thing. ... I am going to be absolutely fine, I'm going to be totally fine." 

Maddow noted that "even the most worrying forms of skin cancer" are "way more treatable than they used to be" as long as they're caught early. So she used this experience to implore viewers to "get checked," admitting that she has been guilty of "blowing off my appointments forever to get stuff like that" looked at but wouldn't have caught the cancer early if she kept doing so. 

"Get your skin checked if you have moles or if you have anything that seems new or changing in your skin," Maddow said. "It is easy. It very well might save your life."