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Lena Dunham announces a movie based on a 'historic property': Polly Pocket

For her next project, Lena Dunham is headed to the MCU: the Mattel Cinematic Universe, that is. 

The creator of Girls is set to write and direct a movie based on Polly Pocket, the tiny doll line from Mattel, Variety reported Thursday. Emily in Paris' Lily Collins is starring in the live-action film, which Variety writes centers "on a young girl and a pocket-sized woman who form a friendship." 

"Polly Pocket was responsible for countless hours of childhood escapism for me — Polly gave me a tiny world of magic and autonomy to narrate, so it's pretty poetic to be tackling these same ideas now," Dunham said. "I'm so thrilled to bring to bear both my love of this historic property and also my deep-seated belief that young women need smart playful films that speak to them without condescension." 

Collins, who's both producing the movie and starring as Polly herself, added that it's a "real dream come true" for her, and she "can't wait to bring these tiny toys to the big screen." This, Variety notes, is just the latest film project Mattel has in the works in addition to movies based on Barbie, Rock Em Sock Em Robots, and even the View-Master. The news also comes just one day after Jerry Seinfeld announced a film about Pop-Tarts, adding yet more evidence to the theory that Hollywood executives may now just be getting film ideas from random objects they see around their house.