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'You want more chucks?': Arizona attorney general flaunts his nunchuck skills in Twitter video

Ask and you shall receive.

In the latest edition of "government officials with unexpected talents," Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich on Friday took to Twitter to show off his — wait for it — nunchuck skills. 

"We've gotten a lot of calls, a lot of emails," said Brnovich in his video. "But there's one thing people definitely want to see. They want to see more 'chucks," he added, using an abbreviation for nunchucks. "You want more 'chucks? You got more 'chucks."

This apparently isn't the first time Brnovich has whipped out his martial arts training — the attorney general shared another nunchuck video back in 2019, when Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) decriminalized the possession of martial arts weapons, per the Arizona Republic.