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Steve Buscemi dresses as his 'fellow kids' meme for Halloween

How do you do, fellow trick-or-treaters? 

For Halloween 2021, Steve Buscemi did what only a select number of people can: dress up as a meme he spawned. The actor was spotted on Sunday handing out candy dressed as his 30 Rock character best known from the "how do you do, fellow kids" meme, complete with backwards hat and skateboard. 

The meme originated from30 Rock gag featuring Buscemi as a clearly adult undercover cop trying to infiltrate a high school, and it's regularly used online to mock lame attempts at fitting in with young people. The meme even spawned an entire Reddit community called Fellow Kids, which is decicated to "advertising and media that tries too hard" to appeal to a younger demographic. 

Other celebrity Halloween costumes this year included an insanely elaborate one from Ariana Grande based on Creature from the Black Lagoon, which looked like something that could be out of a legitimate Hollywood remake. Still, with his costume, the Internet seemed to collectively decide Buscemi won the holiday. Better luck next year, everyone!