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'very sick man'

X-Men director Bryan Singer's former assistant accuses him of abuse

Bryan Singer, director of films like X-Men and Bohemian Rhapsody, is facing new abuse and assault allegations. 

Singer's former assistant Blake Stuerman came forward in a piece published by Variety to allege he was a victim of "mental and emotional abuse" by the filmmaker, whom he says he began a sexual relationship with when he was 18 and Singer was 43. During their first sexual encounter, Stuerman says he was drunk and "didn't know I was allowed to say no." 

Stuerman describes how Singer allegedly "began to expect sex more frequently" from him and "berated me, and dangled my future in front of me" if he found out he had hooked up with someone without permission. "I wasn't allowed to date," Stuerman alleges. "I wasn't allowed to have sex with people of my choosing. He controlled me."

The "mental and emotional abuse from Bryan would frequently trigger panic attacks," Stuerman alleges. He also claims the director "violently attacked one of the guests" at his house in 2012. "I had never witnessed or experienced physical violence before meeting Bryan," Stuerman writes, alleging he heard him say, "I'll f---ing kill you if you leave me." 

Singer has previously faced allegations of sexually abusing underage boys, which he has denied. In the wake of a 2019 Atlantic investigation, an upcoming film from Singer was shelved, and his name was removed from a British Academy of Film and Television Arts award nomination for Bohemian Rhapsody

Stuerman, who in 2013 was fired as Singer's assistant, says he previously defended him against the allegations but has now come to realize that "I am a victim of abuse by a very powerful, very wealthy and very sick man." Variety says it looked at documents, photos, emails, and texts, as well as interviewed 20 people, to corroborate parts of the account. A lawyer for Singer called the allegations "uncorroborated, inflammatory, and highly defamatory."