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Ricky Gervais Netflix special sparks backlash over jokes mocking trans people

Netflix is facing another trans jokes controversy. 

In his new special that debuted Tuesday on Netflix, Ricky Gervais makes numerous graphic and controversial jokes about transgender people. At the start of the stand-up show, the comedian jokes about "old fashioned women," the "ones with wombs," which he contrasts with "the new women," the "ones with beards and c--ks." 

Gervais, the co-creator of The Office, then plays out a conversation between two people having an argument about trans people and bathrooms. "What about this person isn't a lady?" he asks. "Well, his penis." Gervais also complains that saying "women don't have penises" can get you "canceled on Twitter." 

Later in the special, Gervais assures viewers that "in real life, of course I support trans rights," though this leads to the punchline, "But meet me halfway, ladies: Lose the c--k. That's all I'm saying." 

Gervais' jokes quickly set off a firestorm online, with the LGBTQ website PinkNews labeling his special "an anti-trans garbage fire." The controversy comes after Netflix faced significant backlash last year over a Dave Chappelle special that included controversial jokes about transgender people, which led employees at the streamer to stage a walkout.

Netflix defended Chappelle and recently told employees that if they have a problem working on "titles you perceive to be harmful," then Netflix "may not be the best place for you."