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Movie theaters ban rowdy teenagers in suits from Minions screenings after viral TikTok meme

Suited-up teens may be going a bit too bananas for the new Minions

Some movie theaters in the U.K. have banned teenagers in suits from screenings of Minions: The Rise of Gru amid the spread of a TikTok meme that involves showing up hilariously overdressed to the animated film, BBC News reports.

Numerous TikToks posted under the hashtag #Gentleminions show large groups of young people arriving to Minions dressed as if they're going to the opera and proceeding to loudly cheer during the movie. But Regal staffers in Cornwall told BBC they've banned "unaccompanied children wearing suits" from the film, as young people participating in the trend have been disruptive during screenings. 

One viral TikTok showed patrons apparently being kicked out of a Minions showing after throwing bananas, and signs were reportedly posted outside an Odeon theater stating guests in formal attire won't be admitted due to "recent disturbances." An Odeon spokesperson confirmed to Sky News that "we have had to restrict access in some circumstances."

Minions had a record-breaking debut at the box office, raising questions about whether this meme actually played a part in that. According to The Hollywood Reporter, moviegoers between 13 and 17 did make up an "unusually large" percentage of the opening weekend audience: 34 percent — though that could also just indicate teenagers were interested in seeing the film because they grew up on the Despicable Me franchise.

Either way, Universal Pictures is more than happy to profit off the meme, tweeting, "To everyone showing up to [Minions] in suits: we see you and we love you."