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The infrastructure bill is losing support, primarily among Republicans

President Biden is about to sign into law the long-awaited bipartisan infrastructure bill, after House Democrats and 13 Republicans secured its passage a little over a week ago.

Unfortunately for public opinion, however, it appears GOP messaging surrounding the bill has "taken hold," notes Morning Consult's Cameron Easley. The House Republicans who did vote for the bill, which was passed on a bipartisan basis in the Senate, are reportedly being treated as traitors.

A new poll from Morning Consult and Politico found overall support for the legislation among voters down to 50 percent from 58 percent in mid-August — "shortly after the Senate passed the bill," writes Politico — and 56 percent in September, notes Easley.

Notably, though support among Democrats (about 80 percent) and independents (about 45 to 50 percent) has remained steady, there's been a "striking drop" among Republicans, writes Politico. Just 22 percent of GOP voters now support the bill, down 18 percentage points from mid-August.

In fact, writes Politico, Republican support "dropped 10 points over the past two weeks, when Morning Consult surveyed voters after the House approved the bill."