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Twitter to attempt re-launch of controversial subscription service

Twitter will re-launch its subscriber program, Twitter Blue, on Monday, dusting off its controversial choice to allow users to pay for verification. 

In a tweet, the company said subscribers will be able to once again purchase Twitter Blue for $8 per month. However, in the midst of Twitter CEO Elon Musk's ongoing feud with Apple, the company announced that iOS users will have to shell out a bit more — $11 per month. 

According to the company, Twitter Blue subscribers will get access to a number of perks, including the ability to upload videos in 1080p and fewer ads. Subscribers will also have the ability to edit their tweets, something normal users, as of now, cannot do. 

Musk's version of Twitter Blue was immediately controversial upon its initial rollout because it allows practically any account to receive a "verified" blue checkmark. Prior to Musk's takeover of Twitter, verification was reserved for notable figures and official accounts in government, journalism, celebrities, and companies. However, The Associated Press noted that as soon as Twitter Blue was initially started in October, the social media platform was inundated with imposter accounts and bots posing as legitimate sources. 

This included numerous false accounts pretending to be Musk himself. 

Amid the ongoing controversies and issues surrounding the subscription service, Musk made the decision to halt Twitter Blue in November.

It appears, though, that Twitter Blue is now prepared to begin anew, and there may be other colors on the horizon, as Twitter said it will begin giving gold checkmarks to businesses and grey checkmarks to governments.