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It's now legal to teach unregulated African hair braiding in Texas

A new ruling from a federal judge in Austin, Texas on Monday has freed African hair braiders in Texas to teach their art without establishing a fully licensed and equipped barber college. The decision is a win for small business owners like Isis Brantley, a Dallas woman who successfully argued that the regulations did not make sense because, for example, barber colleges must install sinks, but hair braiding doesn't involve washing the hair.

"I fought for my economic liberty because I believe there is a lot of hope for young people who seek to earn an honest living," said Brantley. "This decision means that I will now be able to teach the next generation of African hair braiders at my own school."

Nonprofit law firm the Institute for Justice has fought similarly restrictive licensing laws for braiding in states like Arkansas and Utah. Watch a report on the issue below. --Bonnie Kristian