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High school football team appeals to judge over blown call in playoff game

A high school football quarterfinal playoff game is so important to Oklahoma City's Frederick A. Douglass High School that the team is appealing to a state district judge to try to get a do-over on a bad call.

Down by one with a minute to go, Douglass scored a touchdown against Locust Grove High School, putting them ahead by five. The score was then overturned on a penalty, though the ref should have issued a five-yard penalty on the ensuing kickoff. The Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association apologized for the call and labeled it "inexcusable."

Judge Bernard Jones ordered to delay Locust Grove's semifinal game last week. He'll decide on Wednesday "if the blown call was part of a pattern that would cause 'irreparable harm'" to the losing team if it isn't reversed, Fox News reports. If he decides that's the case, Jones could order a replay of the entire game, or perhaps even a replay of the final 1:04 of the fourth quarter.