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Police: Fires, looting, and shots fired in Ferguson

In Ferguson, the St. Louis County Police confirm that shots are being fired and several businesses have been set on fire, including a Little Caesers Pizza and Sam's Meat Market.

Earlier in the night, Ferguson police announced over a loudspeaker that anyone who did not disperse from South Florissant Road would be arrested, The New York Times reports. PIX-11 reporter Jay Dow tweeted that a self-storage facility has been burned down, and a McDonalds in the area is on fire.

Police told CBS News that protestors smashed windows, vandalized cars, and threw rocks at authorities, and news cameras captured police cars ablaze. St. Louis County Police stated that in an attempt to break up the crowd, they deployed smoke canisters and then used tear gas.

The Federal Aviation Administration also announced that it would temporarily restrict airspace over Ferguson. St. Louis International Airport said it was not closed, although some inbound flights would be affected.