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2014 midterms

For the third time, Colorado voters reject personhood amendment

In Colorado, Amendment 67, the proposal that sought to include "unborn human beings" in the definition of "person" and "child" in the criminal code, is losing 2-to-1 with 61 percent of precincts reporting.

This is the third time an amendment seeking to redefine personhood has made it to the ballot in Colorado. Now, the criminal code defines a "person" as someone who was born and alive when the criminal act occurred, and does not include an embryo, fetus, or unborn child at any stage of development prior to live birth, the Denver Post says.

Opponents argue that Colorado already has laws that protect pregnant women, and the amendment could make abortion a crime if a district attorney decided to press charges. Supporters said it should be illegal to kill or harm an unborn human being, and a perpetrator should be held criminally and civilly liable.