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2014 midterms

Republican insiders offer a glimpse into what Mitch McConnell's Senate could look like

It's increasingly likely that come Wednesday morning, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) will be the new Senate majority leader. That's been a "lifetime goal" of his, former senator and close friend of McConnell's Judd Gregg told The Hill — and he's going to hit the ground running.

In an interview with the political news site, Gregg revealed McConnell's plans for an upper chamber that features "open debate, an open amendment process and a majority willing to take tough votes" in order to push legislation through. The former senator also said McConnell would likely pursue passable, non-controversial bills in tandem with big-ticket items that would necessitate bipartisan negotiation.

McConnell's Senate would aim to "show Republicans can govern," said Jon Kyl, another former Republican senator, who worked as a whip under McConnell. "I think they really have in mind, if you listen to what McConnell has been talking about, finding things the president could sign."

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