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Report finds West Point football team recruited athletes with alcohol, women

Today's "bad behavior in football" report comes from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

The Colorado Springs Gazette obtained documents outlining a January night in which high school football recruits were treated to alcohol, VIP treatment courtesy of money from boosters, and "dates" in the form of female cadets. West Point self-reported the recruiting violation to the NCAA, which issued a warning this month and noted that if another violation occurs, first-year coach Jeff Monken could face suspension.

Football players tabbed "cadet hosts" reportedly entertained 14 high school recruits on Jan. 24 with a party bus ride to a nearby bowling alley, "known for turning a blind eye to underage drinking," according to the report. Booster money allocated for the evening was used to purchase beer towers and other alcoholic beverages. In February, West Point's director of football operations, Lt. Col. Chad Davis, reportedly asked female students to act as "dinner dates" for another round of recruits.

"We want recruits to see that there are pretty girls that go here," Davis reportedly told the women. "There are not just masculine women that attend West Point."

The academy suspended two football staffers, disciplined two more, and issued new recruiting visit guidelines. West Point says it disciplined the cadets involved, all of whom remain on the football team.