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2014 midterms

Wendy Davis questions GOP rival, who is married to a Latina, about his stance on interracial marriage

Democrat Wendy Davis, who is campaigning for governor of Texas, is taking a retro approach to her campaign, accusing her Republican challenger Greg Abbott of "refusing to say" what his position is on interracial marriage bans.

The issue, Fox News reports, came up after Wisconsin attorney general candidate Brad Schimel initially claimed he would have defended an interracial marriage ban decades ago, "just as he'd defend a gay-marriage ban today, even if it might be 'distasteful.'"

Despite the fact that no such ban on interracial marriage exists, and there isn't a ban up for proposal, Abbott was asked in an interview whether he would hypothetically have defended a ban.

Abbott dodged the question: "All I can do is deal with the issues that are before me," he said. The Davis campaign jumped at the opportunity to declare: "Greg Abbott refuses to say if he would defend an interracial marriage ban," and likened his stance on the subject to Texas' ban on same-sex marriage.

According to Fox, "Abbott is married to a Mexican-American woman who would be the state's first Latina first lady if her husband wins."