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Plundered Undies

Football player lands underwear endorsement deal after shoplifting undies

Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle will urge people to please pay for underpants he once tried to shoplift. That's because the NFLer and accused underwear thief is signing on as a spokesman for undergarment brand MeUndies, according to ESPN.

Randle was caught last week trying to shoplift underwear and cologne from a store in Frisco, Texas, netting him a $29,500 fine from the Cowboys. When MeUndies heard the news, the company began working with Randle's agent to see if they could "turn a negative situation into a positive," Dan King, a MeUndies executive, told ESPN.

As part of the partnership, Randle will donate $15,000 of clothing provided by MeUndies to needy children, and the company will help cover the cost of Randle's team-imposed fine.

"Partnering with MeUndies allows me the opportunity to give back to others less fortunate than myself," Randle said, "and spread a positive message of not making the same mistake twice."