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Midnight Crashness

Watch Texas Tech coach Tubby Smith fall off a motorcycle while dressed as Shaft

Basketball programs' Midnight Madness events get more elaborate every year (This season: Drake at Kentucky. Every season: Tom Izzo.). Longtime coach Tubby Smith (now at Texas Tech) tried valiantly to get in on the fun Friday night.

The entrance starts on fine footing, with a video of Smith, dressed as John Shaft (you know, from Shaft), playing overhead. Then, in rolls the actual Smith — still dressed as Shaft, of course — on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, as the coach tries to stop his ride, he slowly teeters over and crashes, eliciting an arena-wide gasp. Don't worry: Smith was fine, even joking afterward that he hoped he hadn't scratched the court.

Watch the Midnight Madness fail in the video, below. --Sarah Eberspacher