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Coast Guard rescues man who tried to 'run' to Bermuda in giant inflatable bubble

A man who tried to walk on water got airlifted to land instead.

The Coast Guard on Saturday rescued 42-year-old Reza Baluchi from the Atlantic Ocean after the endurance runner failed in his attempt to travel from Miami to Bermuda in an inflatable bubble. Baluchi set out three days prior in his hydropod, and rebuffed rescuers' initial suggestions that he turn back.

"If you run into trouble there's no guarantee that we'll be able to get to you in time or even find you," the Coast Guard warned him.

With a stash of water, protein bars, GPS, and a phone, Baluchi pressed on until he became "disoriented" and activated a tracking beacon, the Coast Guard said in a statement. Air crews then raced to pull Baluchi unharmed from his pod, and from the water.