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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on domestic violence scandal: 'We didn't have the right voices at the table'

In a Friday press conference, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced a plan to overhaul the league's disciplinary process for issues like domestic abuse, and implement a new "clear, consistent, and current" policy by the end of the season. "We didn't have the right voices at the table," admitted Goodell during a post-conference Q&A.

Goodell reiterated that the past few weeks have "seen all too much of the NFL doing wrong," and specifically reiterated an apology for the way he handled Ray Rice's assault case. "I let myself down. I let everyone down. And for that I'm sorry," said Goodell.

Goodell said that the NFL has initiated "long-term partnerships" with the National Domestic Violence Hotline and the National Sexual Violence Research Center. He also announced a nonspecific plan to overhaul disciplinary standards for spousal abuse, child abuse, and alcohol and drug use. "There will be changes to our personal conduct policy," said Goodell. "I know this because we will make it happen. Nothing is off the table."

When asked if he had considered resigning as commissioner, Goodell said he hadn't. "I am focused on doing my job and doing the best of my abilities," he said. "We have a lot of work to do. That's my focus."