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Federal court to reconsider ruling that could have rolled back ObamaCare subsidies

A U.S. appeals court on Thursday announced it would reconsider a ruling that scuttled ObamaCare's crucial subsidies, handing a tentative victory to proponents of the law.

In July, a three-judge panel from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a 2-1 ruling that hinged on a poorly-worded section of the law to say states without their own insurance exchange marketplaces could not qualify for subsidies. Since the subsidies are crucial to the law's success, the ruling could have dealt a serious blow to ObamaCare's long term viability.

However, all 11 judges on the court will now reconsider the case in what is known as an en banc hearing, meaning the subsidies could be upheld after all.

On the same day the D.C. appeals court first ruled against the subsidies, another appellate court, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, upheld them.