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Adorable child is furious at his mother for getting pregnant

Sibling rivalry is no joke, no matter how old you are. That's especially true for one young boy, who was apparently devastated when his mother told him she was pregnant.

In the video that's making the rounds, the boy is less than excited about the news. He puts his hands over his face with a dramatic groan, asking his mother what she was thinking by deciding to have another child. "You just have two!" the boy exclaims, asking why she needs another baby as his baby sister sits quietly next to him. "This is exasperating," he concludes.

Of course, he goes on to express his real concern, that his mother will "replace" one of her current children if caring for the family becomes "too much," which his mother quickly assures him won't happen. He eventually accepts the news, on the condition that his mother buys him some earplugs for the new baby's crying.

The age of the boy isn't stated in the video, but any elementary schooler who can properly use "exasperating" in a sentence is one promising kid. Let's hope this family's next child is just as precocious. --Meghan DeMaria