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Numbers don't lie

Rick Perry is more popular with Iowa Republicans now that he's been indicted

Rick Perry may want to get himself indicted more often. That's because the Texas governor's net favorability has actually increased by seven points among GOP voters in Iowa following his mug shot moment, according to pollster PPP.

The survey, conducted about one week after Perry's booking and released early to the Houston Chronicle, found 59 percent of GOP voters in the Hawkeye State viewed the governor favorably, while 13 percent viewed him unfavorably. That's a slight improvement from May when that split sat at 53 percent to 16 percent.

Of course, the poll doesn't necessarily mean the indictment made Perry more attractive to Iowa Republicans. You can probably credit his flurry of public appearances aimed at resuscitating his image for that.

Still, the fact that Perry's indictment hasn't turned Republicans in an early primary state off to him suggests that the charges, so long as they don't result in conviction, aren't a death knell to a potential White House bid. Perry understands this: He's already glibly embraced his mug shot for a fundraising drive.