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Show me the money

Mo'ne Davis autographed baseball goes for $510 at auction

Mo'ne Davis is having a pretty great August. She led her team to Williamsport, became the first female player to pitch a shutout in the Little League World Series, and scored a Sports Illustrated cover for her impressive performance. Davis' meteoric rise to fame has been so pronounced that her mere autograph is now commanding a remarkable price tag among collectors and fans.

On Wednesday, a Davis-signed baseball sold for $510 on ebay. And it's only the first of its kind likely to go for a significant price. Among the dozens of other Davis-tagged merch on the site, the bidding on at least one other ball is already up well over $100.

Unfortunately for Davis, she's not the one cashing in on these autographs. According to one top sports merch dealer, he would be willing to pay Davis tens of thousands of dollars to sign a few hundred items — that is, if it weren't for NCAA restrictions that, though Davis is still years away from college, have him wary of trying to monetize an amateur athlete.