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Tiger Woods caddies as Jimmy Fallon tees off against Rory McIlroy in a bizarre game of 'Facebreakers'

With all the talk about whether Rory McIlroy is "the new Tiger Woods," it might have made more sense to have Woods face off against the world's current top-ranked golfer on The Tonight Show. Instead, Woods caddies for host Jimmy Fallon — well, he watches, mostly, and jeers a bit — as Fallon plays a bizarre game of "Facebreakers" with McIlroy. The game involves the two men chipping balls at an elaborate wall built of glass panels with Fallon and McIlroy's faces, alternating; Fallon tries to break McIlroy's faces and vice versa. You'd think it would be a slam dunk for Rory, right? Well... --Peter Weber