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North Korea is creating its own 'rosy' human rights report

A U.N. inquiry found North Korea guilty of "crimes against humanity," including torture and murder, in February, and North Korea has an interesting response. North Korea announced Monday that it will issue its own human rights report — and the findings will be "rosy."

North Korea called the U.N. report "sheer fabrication," and a spokesperson said the new, "all-inclusive" report would allow people to "do away with their prejudice and misunderstanding" about the North.

"The report will show the true picture of the people of the [North] dynamically advancing towards a brighter and rosy future," a North Korean spokesperson said in a statement to the North's KCNA news agency. The spokesperson also noted that North Korea's residents are "enjoying a free and happy life under the socialist system centered on the popular masses."

There's no release date for the report yet, but the spokesperson said it will come in "the near future."