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Broadway's The Lion King cast spontaneously serenaded a New York subway with 'Circle of Life'

Picture this: You're on your way home, just minding your own business, reading or fiddling with your iPhone or staring glumly ahead like the good New Yorker you are, when suddenly, bam!

A woman breaks out into surprisingly solid song. Okay, still pretty normal for a New York subway. But then, nearly 30 more people up and down the car join in, too. Turns out, the Broadway cast of The Lion King decided to use its downtime between a June 28 matinee and evening performance to let loose an a cappella version of "Circle of Life." In classic New-Yorkers-on-the-subway fashion, there are plenty of folks who keep the "stare anywhere but at the people being loud" game plan going, but plenty more riders pull out phones to document the impromptu show.

The video declares this "New York City's Most Spectacular Surprise," which seems like something you should wait for the critics to say, but hey, what do I know about the theater.

Watch the full performance in the video, below. --Sarah Eberspacher