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All-Star Lame

Derek Jeter, 20th best shortstop in baseball, to start All-Star Game

The 2014 All-Star Game lineups are out, and as always, the fans made some terrible choices. The most glaring inclusion this year: Catcher Matt Wieters, who hasn't played a game in two months and is out for the season. But the next most glaring inclusion: Derek Jeter.

Yes, this is Jeter's farewell season, and even absent that he probably would have gotten in on name recognition alone. But per WAR, Jeter has been only the 20th best shortstop in baseball this year; even limiting it to just the American League, he ranks 11th. In a range of other offensive metrics, Jeter ranks at or near the bottom of that list, too, and he's on pace to have his worst full season ever.

Jeter is in the All-Star Game because he feels like an All-Star to most fans. This year, though, he hasn't proven he deserves the nod.