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Cheaters never prosper?

Proof baseball fans don't care about steroids

Bob Levey/Getty Images

If the 2014 All-Star Game were held today, a handful of players suspended for using performance enhancing drugs would start the game. Nelson Cruz, Melky Cabrera, and Ryan Braun — all of whom were linked to Biogenesis and temporarily booted from baseball — are in place to start, per the latest fan vote tallies. Cruz and Braun are particularly notable given that they sat for the last third of 2013, meaning fans have forgiven or forgotten about their PED use in just a few months' time.

Given all the hysteria and moralizing in the media about PEDs, you'd expect fans would blacklist self-acknowledged users from the All-Star ballot. The fact that fans are instead voting in droves for said cheaters speaks volumes about where they actually stand on the issue.