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Man sues New York, thousands of people for more money than exists on Earth


Anton Purisima is one ambitious man. The New Yorker filed a lawsuit against the city, several businesses, and thousands of residents for $2 undecillion (that's a two with 36 zeroes) for every reason he could ever think of. If that sounds like a lot of money to you, it is because it's more money than exists on planet Earth.

His handwritten, 22-page lawsuit accuses the defendants of everything but the kitchen sink, including attempted murder and civil rights violations. New York's PIX 11 News said the lawsuit centers around a "rabies-infected" dog that bit off his middle finger. The 62-year-old also accused a "Chinese couple" of taking pictures of him while he was being treated.

Purisima's wrath didn't stop there, though: He's also suing the LaGuardia Airport authority (for overcharging him for coffee), Hoboken University, the MTA, and "thousands" of other people for various reasons. This the Purisima's 20th lawsuit since 2004.