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John Sununu: Scott Brown was 'virtually born' in New Hampshire


Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown (R) is now running to represent neighboring New Hampshire, so naturally he's trying to hype his ties to the state lest he be branded a carpetbagger. However, the campaign is straining its credulity by trying to link Brown's opponent to the very state he used to represent.

At a campaign rally in Portsmouth, former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu branded Brown's opponent, incumbent Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D), as the "third senator from Massachusetts," according to Yahoo's Chris Moody. Though Sununu meant Shaheen had a proclivity for voting like a Bay State senator, Brown quite literally once was a Bay State senator.

Sununu also reportedly claimed Brown was "virtually born" in New Hampshire to contrast him with the Missouri-born Shaheen. Brown was born in Maine. And as Moody notes, Shaheen has been involved in New Hampshire politics for decades, including a six-year stint as governor, so the effort to brand her an outsider seems like a long shot.