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Pope Francis ditches Popemobile to pose for selfies

Twitter / @CalahBrooks

The White House may be considering a ban on selfies, but Pope Francis is totally alright with them. After speaking to an estimated crowd of 100,000 people for Palm Sunday, Pope Francis hopped in the Popemobile, occasionally stepping down to mingle with those packed into St. Peter's Square. And in a sign of the times, he even posed for a few selfies.

The Pope's official Twitter boasts 3.9 million followers, so the impromptu photo op could spread rapidly and widely. However, that following pales in comparison to Ellen DeGeneres' 28.5 million followers, so don't count on His Holiness breaking the comedian's record-setting Oscar selfie. Also working in Ellen's favor: As far as we know, the Pope's selfies were not part of a phone company's marketing gimmick.