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Them's the rules

Monopoly is asking Facebook users for new game rules

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

It took 80 years, but Monopoly finally realized that not everyone follows its official rules. (Honestly, who takes the time to figure out taxes?) So, Hasbro is tapping into the creative hive mind of its Facebook fans to create an upcoming edition full of user-created rules.

For the next ten days, users on the game's Facebook page can vote on proposed rules each day until the top five are chosen. Rules like freezing assets so you can't earn money or forcing gamers to go around the board once before they can begin scooping up property are being considered. Hasbro will pick the top five rules to include in part of a special version of Monopoly.

The new rules will also be featured as an option in the regular game, with one caveat: "The official Monopoly rules will not change," the company told the New York Times. That doesn't mean you can't still play your own way (we won't tell).