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Obama wants you to stop making fun of his 'mom jeans'

Elsa/Getty Images

Being president is hard.

There's a lot to think about, from the upcoming midterm elections to Russia's intervention in Crimea to whether letting Zach Galifianakis grill you about ObamaCare was such a good idea.

So no, President Barack Obama may not be spending much time worrying about whether those jeans make him look "mom," but still, step off, okay?

"I've been unfairly maligned about my jeans," Obama told Ryan Seacrest in a Friday radio interview. "The truth is, generally I look very sharp in jeans. There was one episode like four years ago in which I was wearing some loose jeans, mainly because I was out on the pitcher's mound and I didn't want to feel confined while I was pitching, and I think I've paid my penance for that."

But come on, the jeans couldn't have been that bad, right?


No word on whether Seacrest later informed Obama that kids these days aren't dropping "sharp" with regularity. But give our Commander-in-Chief credit: Michelle still thinks he's cute. --Sarah Eberspacher