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Numbers don't lie

Democrats really want Hillary Clinton to run in 2016

Darren McCollester/Getty Images

It's hard to imagine how Hillary Clinton doesn't run for president after a new New York Times/CBS News poll finds that an incredible 82 percent of Democrats want her to run in 2016. Even 52 percent of self-described independents want her to throw her hat in the ring. The next most popular Democrat is Joe Biden, with 42 percent of Democrats encouraging him to run.

On the GOP side, Jeb Bush leads the pack, with 41 percent of Republicans saying they want him to compete in 2016. But Sen. Rand Paul is a close second, at 39 percent. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, once the favorite, has fallen to 31 percent. A brief PSA: The first primary of the 2016 election is almost two years away.