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Uh oh

Harry Reid could be blind in one eye after exercise injury

The 75-year-old Senate minority leader (D-Nev.) broke three ribs and suffered a concussion after a resistance band he was using to exercise snapped. The band also hit him in the eye, and he announced today that the accident may have left him blind in one eye.

"I had a serious injury in my eye, there's blood accumulation there, and we're hoping that resolves itself," Reid said in an interview. "As long as the blood is in the eye, it's hard to see."

According to Mediaite, Reid added that the injury won't prevent him from running in 2016. The former boxer also added that he's still fighting fit: "I don't know how many people out there could sit down and do 250 pushups, or do the strength exercises I did with those bands. Hundreds and hundreds of times, hundreds of times, every week, three times a week. So no one has to question my physical ability," he said.