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Herman Cain says Donald Trump is just like him, but with a lot more money

Herman Cain sees a lot of himself in Donald Trump. For one, Cain too led the early polls during his 2012 campaign for president, to the alarm of his more straight-laced Republican peers. For another, both men faced scandals concerning their romantic lives — Cain was accused of having an affair with an Atlanta woman, and Trump was once accused of possibly raping his wife many years ago. (She has since disavowed that claim.)

The difference, Cain claims, is that Trump has the billions to make it out alive.

"When I got attacked I had to make a choice, do I continue. First of all, it's a big distraction, trying to defend all of the false and negative accusations," Cain told USA Today. "It takes away from you trying to campaign unless you have deep pockets, which I did not have, it costs money to sustain a campaign and fight off those attacks at the same time, and to be honest with you, I didn't have the money to do that. I simply didn't have the money to do that. That's not his problem."

It remains to be seen if Trump will face the same fate as Cain — losing.