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Hillary Clinton gets low favorability numbers for the first time ever in New York

Hillary Clinton's favorability rating has been slipping with the waning of summer, and perhaps no blow is more brutal than that of her own state, New York, turning against her, The New York Times reports. Born in Chicago, Clinton served as senator in New York for eight years, from 2001 to 2009, but even that recent memory hasn't kept her safe in the opinion polls: Fifty-one percent of New York voters viewed her unfavorably compared to 46 who viewed her favorably, according to numbers found by Sienna College. That said, she's still ahead of the competition, beating out Vice President Joe Biden's 45 percent support and Sen. Bernie Sanders' 24 percent.

Lest we forget another New Yorker, Donald Trump continues his reign with 34 percent of the Republican vote. That said, Trump is also "winning" in a category he might not be as thrilled with: His negative ratings top all competition at an enormously high 65 percent.