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Late Night Tackles 2016

Bernie Sanders tells Jimmy Kimmel why he is electable, and about God and greed

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, and Kimmel asked him about criticism that he's too far left, too old, too unkempt to be elected president. Sanders laughed and gave two reasons. The first is that in some polls he's doing better than Hillary Clinton in a match-up against Donald Trump. The second is that he is bringing people into the political process who have otherwise given up.

"I believe that if I am the Democratic nominee, you're going to see voter turnout go way up, I think we're going to win the White House, I think we recapture the Senate, we do well in the House, we win governors' chairs," he said. "Our job is not just to defeat Republicans, our job is to revitalize American democracy, bring people who have given up on the political system back into the system, and create a government which represents them rather than large campaign donors."

Kimmel jumped on a "God forbid!" Sanders dropped in to ask whether he believes in God, and if not, whether that is an electoral deal-breaker. Sanders artfully dodged the question by saying he is who he is, that he believes "we're all in this together," and that, like Pope Francis, he doesn't think we should worship money and billionaires.

As a bonus clip, Kimmel finished his interview by asking Sanders what he thought about Larry David's portrayal of him on Saturday Night Live, and Sander rewarded him with a brief Larry David impersonation. Well played, team. Peter Weber