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Security increased at Disneyland and other major theme parks

In the wake of the San Bernardino shooting earlier this month, visitors to Disneyland, Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Orlando will see heightened security measures.

USA Today reports that more local law enforcement officers will be on hand at Disneyland and Disney World and security will pick visitors at random to go through metal detectors. Dogs able to detect explosives will be on patrol in key areas. Disney has also stopped selling toy guns on Disneyland and Disney World properties, saying they could distract or confuse security personnel and employees, and guests ages 14 and older will not be allowed to wear costumes into the theme parks.

SeaWorld Orlando is instituting bag checks and installing metal detectors, a spokesperson said, and Universal Orlando is "testing metal detection because we want our guests to feel safe when they come to our theme parks," spokesman Tom Schroeder said. "We are always looking at best practices for security and safety in today's world. For us, this is a natural progression, in that we've long used metal detection for some of our special events."