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Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders earn F grades in conservative values matrix

A conservative PAC and arm of the Leadership Project for America has released an "issue matrix" to help undecided voters focus on choosing a leader who is able to govern. In its own words, "The Leadership Project for America's Leadership Matrix spells out ten characteristics of what makes a great leader, revealing relative strengths as well as critical shortcomings in character, effectiveness and a commitment to limited constitutional government." The matrix involves rankings of "American exceptionalism," "national security," "consistency," and "ethics," among other conservative values.

Donald Trump, who frequently trumpets about his ability to "win," scored an F grade overall in the report, with especially low marks in ethics, viability, and principles. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders also earned F grades using the conservative criteria, although Sanders still managed to earn the highest possible scores in ethics and principles.

Marco Rubio had the highest grade of any of the candidates, an A-, with his biggest strengths in communication, principles, and national security. Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz followed with B grades while the rest of the party dipped off from there.

See the matrix at Leadership Project for America.