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march 3 debate

Donald Trump alludes to his penis size on national television

At the Fox New debate on Thursday, Marco Rubio was asked about his pledge just weeks ago that he won't resort to personal insults, then his pivot to belittling Donald Trump as a "con man" with an orange spray tan and small, um, hands. Rubio said that he would prefer to have an issues-oriented campaign, but that Trump has mocked everybody for months. "If there's anyone who deserved to be treated that way, it's Donald Trump," he said. Trump held out something of a peace offering, saying that while he had called Rubio a lightweight, "I would like to take that back. He's really not that much of a lightweight." Then Trump went back to Rubio's penis-size joke, saying that while Rubio has attacked his hand size, suggesting it meant some other part of his body was small, "I guarantee you there's no problem." Watch:

The election is still eight months away.