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The LAPD is testing a knife reportedly found on O.J. Simpson's property

More than 20 years have passed since O.J. Simpson was acquitted in the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, but the LAPD is in the midst of investigating a new and potentially explosive piece of evidence. The LAPD's forensic team is testing a knife that was reportedly buried at a property once owned by Simpson in an effort to discover if possible hair or fingerprint samples could shed new light on the case.

According to TMZ, the knife was originally discovered by a construction worker at the property. The worker allegedly gave the knife to an LAPD officer, who reportedly kept it in his personal collection. It was only recently, when a friend learned about the knife and informed superior officers, TMZ reports, that the LAPD became aware of the knife's existence and took it into custody. At a press conference, an LAPD representative confirmed that the knife has been submitted to a lab to be examined "for all forensics," and that the investigation is "ongoing as we speak."

The news arrives in the midst of a flurry of re-ignited interest in the O.J. Simpson trial, driven by the popularity of the FX drama series American Crime: Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson.