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Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are neck-and-neck in the latest national poll

It's not over 'til it's over: Bernie Sanders is tied with Hillary Clinton among Democratic voters, according to a new Bloomberg Politics poll.

Of people who have voted or will vote in their state's Democratic primary or caucus, 49 percent reported that they support Sanders, with 48 percent saying they support Clinton. Three percent of respondents were unsure of who had their vote.

In hypothetical matchups with the Republicans, both Clinton and Sanders beat Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. However, against John Kasich only Sanders came out on top; Kasich leads Clinton by 4 points otherwise.

Sanders has been having a good week: He made gains in the western U.S. on Tuesday, adding Utah and Idaho to his list of wins. Still, he faces a daunting uphill battle against Clinton, who leads with 1,223 pledged delegates to Sanders' 920. There are a remaining 2,129 delegates still available for the taking.

The Bloomberg poll was conducted between March 19 and 22. For the 311 people indicating they have or will vote as Democrats, there was a margin of error of 5.6 percent.