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Vladimir Putin is concerned about America because John Kerry carries his own luggage

Russian President Vladimir Putin is convinced that Secretary of State John Kerry carrying his own luggage can only mean one thing about the state of America: Things aren't going well. "On the one hand, it's quite a democratic way of conduct, but on the other hand, I thought probably the situation in the United States is not that good and there is no one to assist the secretary of state in carrying his luggage," Putin joked to Kerry at the Kremlin.

Putin did have one other theory about why Kerry might want to tote his own luggage, however. "Probably then I thought there was something in that... briefcase of yours you couldn’t trust anyone else with. Probably you brought some money with you to haggle on key matters," Putin said.

Kerry promised to show Putin the contents of his briefcase later, telling him he thought he'd be "surprised — pleasantly."